EMU Emax II Library for Kontakt 5

Emu Emulator and Emax samplers are legendary instruments in my opinion, mostly because they were heavily used by my favourite band Depeche Mode 🙂

I found some Emax II libraries on the internet, converted them to Kontakt .nki format and packed them into a single Kontakt 5 library.

The library was created and tested on Mac OS and Kontakt v5.3.0, but it should also work on Windows and also on later Kontakt versions. Some patches were hard panned to the left or right for some reason, so I centered the ones that I could find. If you come across one, just click the wrench icon, go to mapping editor, select all zones and set the pan to 0.

You can download the library from the link below, enjoy 🙂


If you have any problems you can find the links to the original libraries below. You can convert them to SF2 format using the EMXP tool, and then use Kontak’s import function to convert them to .nki.




EMXP tool:



2 thoughts on “EMU Emax II Library for Kontakt 5”

  1. Hello , i wish i could buy Alan Wilder’s Emulator II synthesizer when he organized an auction to sell his Depeche Mode era items . By the way , Chantage was a really cool band . I wonder if you still own those great synthesizers which you used to play in the concerts , i remember Mr Hakan used to play a Supernova Novation II synthesizer . Kind regards and greetings .

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